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She looks too pure to be pink

My name's Lily, and I'm kind of dorky. I fangirl over Nell Campbell, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, American Horror Story, Frozen and a ton of musicals most of the time. Sometimes I cosplay and DIY shadowcast as Columbia. Bethany is the Magenta to my Columbia ok. Also, I dream of someday becoming an actress. Remember: everything sounds better on vinyl, the weirder the better, and red lipstick always looks fuckin' rad.
Apr 23 '14

Life motto.


Life motto.

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Apr 23 '14


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Apr 22 '14


I decided I’m going to do a give away for girls!!

what I’m giving away:

  • a magical girl holographic sticker
  • bracelets made by me
  • 2 buttons from this store
  • Lip scrub or any soaps from here
  • Some candy if you want, whatever kind of candy u like

Rules yayy,

  • likes/reblogs both count
  • you don’t have to be following me but if you do and you win I’ll give you extra prizes
  • No give away blogs?

It ends May 15th!

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Apr 22 '14



Frozen 2

she can’t hold it back anymore

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Apr 22 '14

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Apr 21 '14


We blindfolded 15 homophobes and asked them to hit piñatas with a stick. The piñatas were actually deadly Asian giant hornet nests. What happens next will warm your heart.

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Apr 21 '14

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Apr 21 '14

You see Spongebob,  It’s a metaphor. You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but never give it the power to kill you.


You see Spongebob,
It’s a metaphor. You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but never give it the power to kill you.

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Apr 21 '14

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Apr 21 '14

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Apr 21 '14

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Apr 21 '14



Hilda by Duane Bryers

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Apr 21 '14

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Apr 21 '14


*gets arrested for being too cool*

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Apr 21 '14

Meet the blogger!


Basic questions

Are you single? Nope.
Are you in love? Yep.
Are you happy? I guess so.
Are you comfortable in your body? Occasionally, but not really.
Do you get along with your parent? With my mum, I do. With my other mum (and step-mum) well.. not so much.
Do you consider yourself a nice person? I can be, if I want to. Sometimes I’m just a plain bitch to everyone though.
Are you outgoing? Not particularly. I want to be.
Do you get angry easily? Sometimes, yeah.
Are you easily impressed? It depends.
Do you fall in love easily? I’ve only been fully in love twice, so I wouldn’t really know. Both of them happened kinda fast though.
Do you listen to a lot of music? Yes.
Do you cry easily? I only cry easily if someone yells at me, really.
Do you blush easily? Unfortunately.
Do you like yourself? Sort of.
Are you an animal lover? Definitely.
Do you day dream? A lot, yeah.
Do you worry about what other people think of you? More than I should. It bugs me a lot.
Do you consider yourself a strong person? Not particularly.

Band: New Years Day
Artist: Geez, I have no idea. I like Little Nell and Idina Menzel, I guess.
Concert: Warped Tour 2013, probably.
Film: Rocky Horror Picture Show, tied with Grease and Frozen.
TV show: American Horror Story and/or the Simpsons.
Book: Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
Comedian: I don’t really have one. I guess Ellen DeGeneres, if she counts as one. I don’t know.
Colour: Mint green
Sweet: Sour gummy worms or pixie sticks probably.
Smell: Either campfire or Maureen’s perfume
Food: A tie between triple pepperoni pizza and this turkey, bacon and pesto sandwich from Portland City Grill.
Country to visit: I guess England? I haven’t been yet but I’m planning to go in a few months.
Number: 17.
Subject in school: Health is all I’m good at so
Piece of clothing: I like my white basque a lot. And my hamburger leggings.
Animal: Sloths and hedgehogs

20 Choices
Cat or dog? Both
Coffee or tea? I’m not much of a fan of either.
Day or night? Night
Books or films? Both. I guess if I had to pick, films.
Introvert or extrovert? Depends where I am/who I’m with.
Hugs or kisses? Depends who they come from.
Winter or summer? Winter
Spring or fall? Fall
City or country? City
Sunset or sunrise? Sunset
Sun or moon? Moon
PC or Mac? PC
Dress up or dress down? I’m so lazy I usually don’t even wear pants, so dress down. Dressing up is hella fun though
Smoking or non-smoking? Non-smoking
Flats or heels? Both
Sweet or sour? Depends. I guess sweet.
Pop or rock? Rock
Indoors or outdoors? Both. Mostly indoors I guess.
Letters or numbers? Letters.
Comedy or thriller? Both

Have you ever…
Kissed anybody? Yeah
Been drunk? Yup
Used drugs? ..maybe kinda sorta yeah
Been on a date? No
Gone skinny dipping? No
Been hit on by someone too old? Too many times.
Lied about your age? Yep.
Laughed until you cried? Yes
Danced in the rain? No
Watched the stars from the ground? Yes
Cried watching the news? Not yet
Been bullied? Yes
Cheated on a test? No
Embarrassed yourself in public? A lot
Woken up not knowing where you were? Nope
Received a love letter? Yes.
Fallen in love with your best friend? Well.. kinda. We became really good friends within like 3 days and yeah.
Had your best friend fall in love with you? I wouldn’t know.

When was the last time you…
hugged somebody? Like 10 minutes go. I hugged my mum.
kissed Somebody? Like August or something.
complimented somebody? Earlier today.
said sorry? Also earlier today.
felt on top of the world? Not too long ago.
cried? While watching Frozen last night tbh
had an argument? An actual one.. not for a few days.
had somebody make you laugh? Earlier today.
wanted to disappear? Probably not too long ago. I can’t remember.
felt confident? When I last got ready for Rocky.
watched television? Earlier today.
listened to your favourite song? Last night
danced? I’m not sure. I guess Rocky.
went swimming? Last July, I think.
watched the sunset? In march I did.
read a book? A few days ago I tried with The Impossible Knife of Memory but I couldn’t focus so idk if that counts
watched your favourite movie? A little over a week ago

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